2017 Leg bands

2017 Legbands will be available in the following sizes.

Orders yours today to guarantee availability!!

D’S 10 mm    E’s 11 mm   F’s 13mm G’s 15mm   H’s 18mm   I’s 20mm   J’s 22mm K’s 25mm

These bands are not “required” – however many of our ABA members feel these are a MUST for their breeding programs.  They are made of plastic and

numbered clearly with ABA, the year (16) and an identifying number.  They are “seamless”.  They are intended to be placed on “Young – growing” birds.    Many ABA members try to put them on the birds when they are around 8-12 weeks old.  You try to place them on a growing bird, if they slip off – you try again in a week or so – repeating the process until they stay on.   Once on – they are permanent. This tool is “Priceless” in the breeding pen!

Order yours today!



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