Start where you are with what you have

Dear ABA members,

  It is with much joy that I announce the ABA has secured the rights to republish

Ralph Sturgeon’s book, Start Where You Are With What You Have. Mr. Walt Leonard was the original publisher and he has graciously allowed us to reprint this historic book and make it available to the current generation of poultry fanciers!

  In my opinion, this is the book every new and old poultry breeder needs in their library! Ralph’s simplistic writing style makes it easy for all to understand the different methods of breeding and improving a line of birds and details a very easy plan to make your birds better than what they currently are. This book had a great influence on me as a young poultry breeder and his principles are still used by many poultry breeders today! Order your copy today from Karen or in the ABA Online store at, today.

Matt Lhamon


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