ABA Commemorative Fund

The ABA Commemorative Fund


The Commemorative Fund is included within the American Bantam Association Irrevocable Trust. All contributions to the ABA Commemorative Fund remain intact within the trust and, income generated from the contributions, is distributed to the ABA, as sole beneficiary, for operational expenditures. Contributions of $100 may be made for friends, living or deceased fanciers or yourself and the listing will be maintained in the ABA yearbook and on the ABA website in perpetuity. Please send your gift to the ABA, PO Box 127, Augusta, NJ  07822.

Commemorative Fund Honorees as of June 1, 2017



A Friend


Clell Agler


American Poultry Association


Judge Eugene Barnard


John P Batson


Herb Blanchard #128


Blue Ridge Poultry Club Members


Mr. Russell Booth


B.R. Bortner


Will Burton


Leo Castonguay


Russell Crevoiserat 1926-1976


Ernie Durb


Ernest Engelsman


Hilda Engelsman


Allen Homer Estlack, Jr.


Garden State Poultry Fanciers/NJ

                                       Billy Garrison                                      

Eugene J. Halbach


H.W. Halbach


Harold F. Halbach


Jeff Halbach


Vi Halbach


William A. Halbach


Cliff & Phyllis Hawkes, Raymond, Maine


                                       Claire Hicks                                        


                                        WD Jones                                        


Stephen Jones, Poetry, Texas


William Kornhaus


New York State Bantam Assocation


Dr. VL Patterson


Ed Ritz


Ralph Sheriff, Jr


M. Dale Simpson


Ed Sirrine


Pappy Sturges, Spruce Head, Maine    


Irene B. Tapia


Jerry Tom


Karen Unrath


August Vinhage


Eleanora Vinhage


O Fayne Whitney


CW3 (Ret) Charles Wilcox, Lake Butler, FL


George Shreffler, Ohio


Ken Mainville, MA


Christine Lehman, NY


Joe Osburn


Bobby & Aileen Castlebury


Harris O'Brien


Anthony Bezok, Sr.




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